4t65e Rebuild Manual Pdf

Install the output shaft into the transaxle being careful not to damage any bushings, until it is engaged into the final drive splines. Lubricate the new solid seal ring and position it on the J installer. This information is extremely useful when tracing fluid circuits for learning or diagnosis purposes.

Install the end play measuring tools as shown in Figure onto the converter. The drive chain must be installed in the correct direction. Install the thrust bearing assembly in direction drum.

Take special care when removing the speed sensor assembly and set aside from the other transaxle components. Damaged or worn roller clutch assembly. Position transaxle with final drive housing pointing downward to allow fluid drainage. Rotate transaxle so that the case cover surface is facing up. Install the pivot pin and the pump slide into the aside for the final assembly process.

These compression rings should be discarded and replaced during rebuild. Ensure that the servo pin engages the manual band assembly. Set the completed manual servo assembly aside for the final assembly process. Inspect all components of the manual servo assembly, livro telecurso 2000 pdf using Figure as a reference. Set the completed driven sprocket support aside for final assembly.

Facing this partial page is a hydraulic schematic that shows the position of valves, checkballs. Ensure that the apply pin is engaged on the forward band assembly. The Reverse Servo is under pressure.

Set the completed accumulator assembly aside Figure for the final assembly process. They may be stuck to the sprockets. It is recommended that dowel pins be used as guides to keep gaskets in place. Note the location of the master link on drive Continued on next Page. Adjust the J tool so that the bottom of seal installer matches the bottom seal groove.

After the proper final drive end play has been achieved, install the final drive housing to case seal and install all four bolts. The input carrier to final drive sun gear shaft lube dam may come out with the carrier if it did not come out with the input carrier. The roller support thrust washer will be on the final drive internal gear.

Set the dial indicator to zero. Move the valves with a pick or a screwdriver reassemble the valves, springs, bushings in the to ensure any debris or dirt is dislodged. Make sure the work area is adequate and clean for the layout and inspection of components. It may be facing up or down and must be in the same position for assembly.

Splines for damage or wear. Use all bolts to install loading tool. Some final drive ratios, this bearing will be a trapped bearing. Refer to Figure for bolt location.

Hydra-Matic 4TE Transmission Repair Manual Pdf Free Online

If the gear is installed upside down, noise may result, because of the change in the gear wear pattern. Ensure that two screens are in spacer plate and four.

Some valves are under spring pressure so cover all solenoids for the proper resistance values. Measurement should be minimum. In every situation possible, text describes component operation during the apply and release cycle as well as situations where it has no effect at all.

4t65e transmission repair manual

Use a plastic mallet to gently tap the oil filter into the seal. Use extreme care when doing the valve body as for disassembly.

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If the original drive links are being installed, put both drive link assemblies with the master J link copper color facing up or down, depends on the way it was found during dis-assembly. Use tool J or large screwdriver in order to lift the differential carrier. Install the pinion gears with thrust washers into the differential carrier housing.

The descriptive text is then supported by numerous graphic illustrations to further emphasize the operational theories presented. The tabs and the slots on the spiral clutch sprag assemblies, as shown below in snap ring must lock. Ensure that the rotor will still turn freely. Install the connector with red and Lt. Lay the pre-assembled input housing on its side and install the dual sprag assembly, by rotating back and forth, until all clutch plates engage the outer races and is fully seated.

Install the entire assembly into the case while thickness thrust washer. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The transaxle may have a thrust washer or thrust bearing in this position. Richard Andrianjaka Lucky.

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Rotor, vanes and slide must be chosen in the same size classification to match the oil pump body. It may be necessary to tap the turbine shaft gently with a rubber mallet.