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With the Planning Commission dissolved, no more formal plans are made for the economy, self esteem matthew mckay patrick fanning pdf but Five-Year Defence Plans continue to be made. Guidelines for operating the economy was provided by the five year plans. The fourth five-year plan was replaced with the nationalisation programme which featured an intense level of government-ownership management on private entities. During this plan annual plans were made and equal priority was given to agriculture its allied sectors and the industry sector. This helped in the betterment of the traffic system in India.

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The government of India also strove to maintain a balance in the economy and by striking a balance within export and import. The Sixth Five-Year Plan marked the beginning of economic liberalisation. This amounts to making appeals to the higher government authorities, for successful completion of their campaigns associated with the rapid implementation of all past policies. Supervision and fulfillment of this programme became the watchword of Pakistan's civil bureaucracy since early s. Many cement and fertilizer plants were also built.

India also had a stint of recession. East North Northeast South West. List of all Five Year Plans of India. Therefore, the priority in the fifth five year plan was given to the food and energy sectors.

States were made responsible for secondary and higher education. Welfare Programmes by the Government of India. Three annual plans were drawn during this intervening period. The Indian government boosted manufacturing of industrial goods in the country. Each and every Five Year Plan of the Indian government is formulated, keeping in mind the fulfillment of certain objectives.

Thus, under pressure, the country took the risk of reforming the socialist economy. At this time Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. This was aimed with a view to achieve maximum returns on a long term basis.

However, for a well-planned economy of any country, there should be a combined participation of the governmental agencies along with the general population of that nation. The need for foreign reserves was felt. Manmohan Singh later Prime Minister of India launched India's free market reforms that brought the nearly bankrupt nation back from the edge. Five year plans were introduced by the Indian government, so that people could make the optimum use of the resources better their living standards.

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This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. There was formation of state electricity boards. The prime focus of this plan was to increase growth in the country with an emphasis on social justice and equity. Transport and Communication System. The plan was quasi-successful for the government.

Revised versions of the formula have been used since then to determine the allocation of central assistance for state plans. However, this could only be done when the Indian government offers strong support and priority to the social spheres of the country, focusing especially on the complete elimination of poverty. His idea about the betterment of the industrial sector was welcomed by some and opposed by lot others specially the communist groups.

Abundant production of wheat took place in Punjab. These workers were also granted fund for experimenting and undergoing training in agricultural know how in various cooperative institutions.

List of all Five Year Plans in India

The Ninth Five-Year Plan also saw joint efforts from the public and the private sectors in ensuring economic development of the country. The Third Plan was a perspective plan for long terms i. Current Affairs for all competitive Exams. For the smooth functioning of any economy, planning plays an important role. The transport and communication system also improved under this Plan.

List of all Five Year Plans in India

With this attempt, gradually a gap was created between the people of the rural areas and those of the urban areas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Encyclopedia of Sustainability.

Planning Commission Government of India Five Year PlansList of all Five Year Plans of India

Due to the Sino Indian War, India witnessed increase in price of products. Self-sufficiency in agricultural production was a top priority during India's eighth Five Year Plan since most of the population depended on that. Price control measures were no more useful. All these activities widened the industrial platform. In addition, the situation in East Pakistan now Bangladesh was becoming dire as the Indo-Pakistan War of and Bangladesh Liberation War took funds earmarked for industrial development.

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In practice, this plan was not implemented because of its enormous sized. The document does not detail any schemes or allocations as it has no financial powers. The transition was not easy. Also, the frequent revisions resulted in the lack of stability in the economy.

It offered strong support to the social spheres of the country in an effort to achieve the complete elimination of poverty. To promote democracy, there was commencement of the Panchayat elections.

Virtually, all fourth five-year planning was bypassed by the government of Prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The main objective of the Ninth Five-Year Plan was to correct historical inequalities and increase the economic growth in the country. The Rolling Plan consisted of three kinds of plans that were proposed. Effective usage of the resources would eventually ensure an enhancement in output.