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Our actual sales quantities should be used as the basis. Plant is selected as Field selection and Filter so that data will be lesser due to filter condition and executes faster. Once the Software is tedted perfectly we deploy the software at the client location. The analysis process is primarily based on data that wasconsolidated in the Data Warehouse and that exists in InfoProviders.

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Under Aggregation, fields to be used in the form of groups and the fields for which the values are to be aggregated. Here Query is Data source for our target Report. From the start process to every second step there is a black line. It is a column in a database table which can maintain uniqueness for all the records in the table. After selecting Query as data source, there you find two tabs.

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The system does not create fact tables or dimension tables. Unlike multidimensional data storage using InfoCubes, the data in DataStore objects is stored in transparent, flat database tables. Characteristic Relationships, which specifies rules for creating combinations, checking plan data and performing derivations.

Steps to check consistency of process chain. Can we plan prices on Material Group level and apply that to the quantities? Write-Optimized DataStore Objects. SlideShare Explore Search You.

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Text table is used to store the description in multiple languages. Any big Enterprise we consider, they always store their business data into database. Artificial Intelligence Keras. In Case of star schema, Master data is stored inside the cube. We generally use this to load data from one Info Cube to another Info Cube.

So that they use this data for analyzing their business. Here you can choose the required InfoPackage. Whenever User experiences the more time for execution of the Report then it is more worthful and improves the performance of the execution of the report. We use this option when we want to split one record from the source to multiple records in the data target. Changes made based on this information are not supported and can be overwritten during an upgrade.

Various data transformations are provided for this purpose, such as statistical and mathematical calculations, and data cleansing or structuring processes. After data source as Query, select the filter depends upon the requirement. Steps to activate a process chain.

As there is no difference in performance when reading, writing or deleting data, a single fact table is directly joined to the master data tables. You just clipped your first slide! It extracts all the records from the Source system with respective to data Selections. We use update rules to perform all kind of Transformations.


The Analysis process is ready for use. Under first tab, you need to give the source Query name details.

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For any subsequent step, we can choose if the successor step shall be executed only if the predecessor. We use this tab to translate the objects from one Language to another Language.

Read Data from InfoProvider. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Detailed Information about any Entity is called as Master Data. Write-Optimized DataStore Object.

Write the following code in Routine Tab. Select the required char and key figures. SummaryThis article gives clear picture about how to down load the InfoCube Data into.

Since all the tables inside the cube contains Alpha-numeric data, it degrades query performance. Fact Table and Dimension table will be inside the cube. It is similar to Full update but enables us to run the Delta updates once the init is successful.

Planning Scenario

Enter a meaningful description for the Process Chain. Under Modelling sidebar, select InfoProvider. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

Update rules are specific to Data Target. Standard DataStore Object. We will not set this yet and will discuss the details of this in a later lecture. The object on which we are supposed to execute the process is called as Variant. Show related SlideShares at end.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. After selecting Query as data source, there you find two tabs Source Extended Settings Under first tab, you need to give the source Query name details. Update rules update the data into the data target.

The first step we will cover, is translating the requirements into a technical view of what InfoObjects we need in the application, and thus the InfoCube. Overview of DataStore Object Types.

When we translate an object only Description of an Object will change but not the Technical Name. At this phase we test the software, shrink pdf for email weather the software is working as per the user requirements or not.