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The guide includes the experiences of people living with metastatic breast cancer of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles. To date, few materials have specifically been developed to improve awareness about hereditary breast cancer in black women. For information on breast cancer in men, sosyalizmin alfabesi pdf see Breast Cancer in Men. Awareness of genetic testing for increased cancer risk in the year National Health Interview Survey.

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The month of October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. When asked about the photos and personal stories, participants agreed that these elements made the brochure culturally relevant. The study brochure was used as a template for drafting this informational brochure. Several women expressed an inclination for colors that represented the African American flag red black and green over the colors of the original brochure bright red and yellow.

Focus Group Guide for Brochure. Where is the Cure For Breast Cancer? This template shows this perfectly. In addition, many of our educational materials are available in Spanish, and some materials are available in other languages. Data analysis Basic descriptive data related to demographic and clinical characteristics were summarized using descriptive statistics.

No matter where you are in your treatment, listen to your body and have regular follow-up visits with your doctor. The association between race and attitudes about predictive genetic testing. However, an area for improvement was identified with respect to cultural acceptability. The study was approved by the institutional review board at the University of South Florida and written informed consent was obtained from all study participants.

Treatment for early breast cancer includes some combination of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy. The image is very accurate and perfectly suits the topic because of the pink undergarment and the missing strap. The most widely cited materials were developed with input from and use for a single high-risk black kindred from Louisiana Baty et al. Peer Navigation Program Flyer.

Family History Chart Download this template to help you record your family medical history. Or perhaps, an abnormal area was seen on your mammogram. This flyer highlights information about our personalized peer support program.

Conduct of focus groups Each of the three focus groups was conducted by race-concordant moderators. There are two Photoshop files available for download, custom color options, and an easy-to-follow tutorial. Honor a loved one's life by helping to save others.

If not, should it have been addressed? However, additional details were included about how genetic testing was conducted through a blood sample and addressed the logistics of the test procedure. What did you especially like about the visual aid? Accepting things as they come. Breast Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis Get detailed information about breast cancer detection through tests such as mammograms, ultrasounds, other imaging tests and biopsies.

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Breast Cancer Early Detection and Diagnosis

About the educational materials? Sociocultural influences on participation in genetic risk assessment and testing among African American women.

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Participants were asked to review both the consent document and the brochure before attending the focus group. Learn about breast cancer and other breast conditions. Integrating culture into health information for African American women. However, once they arrived and learned of the study, they expressed interest in participation.

Do you think that if your friends or neighbors would be willing to consider genetic testing if they were provided with this information? This brochure was subsequently evaluated through focus groups as outlined below. Breast cancer is often first suspected when a lump or a change in the breast is found. Understanding Your Diagnosis. Similar to previous studies evaluating the development of cancer genetic education materials Thompson et al.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Women who have surgery as part of their breast cancer treatment may choose breast reconstruction surgery. The goal of treating early breast cancer is to get rid of the cancer and keep it from coming back. Living as a Breast Cancer Survivor Learn more about living as a breast cancer survivor including information about next steps, answers to many questions, and tips on follow up care. However, there were similarities between key findings from our study and those conducted with other groups of black populations from other parts of the country Baty et al. Open in a separate window.

This information should not be interpreted as medical advice. Disclosure Statement No competing financial interests exist. Find articles by Gwendolyn P. Non-cancerous Breast Conditions Get details on the various types of benign, or non-cancerous, breast conditions and if they may be linked with a higher risk of cancer.

Breathe in the darkness and exhale light. You can print them and bring them with you to your next doctor's appointment. The transcripts were independently evaluated and coded independently by at least three members of the study team S. You can also use this for other events. Get the information you need to understand your breast cancer diagnosis with details on the various types of breast cancer, grading, hormone status, staging, and prognosis.

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There are a lot of things to consider during and after treatment. The solid black background is perfect and so the texts are fully visible.

Developing culturally sensitive cancer genetics communication aids for African Americans. This breast cancer flyer is a perfect template that truly represents breast cancer. Additionally, some women in our sample wanted more specific information about why hereditary breast cancer was relevant to their community. If you notice any change, see a health care provider.

Those who expressed interest were mailed a package of information that included a copy of the informed consent document, a copy of the brochure Fig. We recommend the Facts for Life fact sheets for people looking for in-depth information about breast cancer. Study eligibility criteria included female gender, self-identification as black or African American, and membership in one of the three preselected local organizations.

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However, within the context of attractiveness, there were two key areas identified for improvement. We offer several materials to help guide you through the journey ahead.