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What the Heck is a Bunkie The Functional Core Strength Test You Need to Do

Journal List Rehabil Res Pract v. Rehabilitation Research and Practice. The prevailing thought here is that if an athlete can hold each position for seconds with perfect form, he or she has a neutral, balanced fascia.

Assessing muscular endurance of the core e. It's actually a legitimate way to test your core strength and point out weaknesses in your fascia, which are connective tissue in your body.

Rehabilitation Research and Practice

As we mentioned before, the Bunkie Test is comprised of five moves. In this study's healthy population, the unknown masterpiece pdf the Bunkie test did not differentiate between those with or without prior musculoskeletal injury.

This normative data may be useful for rehabilitation professionals when comparing their patient's or client's Bunkie test scores to a general population. Rehabilitation professionals assess muscular endurance and strength in patients and clients utilizing a variety of tests and measures e.

Hold times for each position was measured in seconds. More Cool Stuff You'll Like. More research is warranted to validate the presence of functional fascial planes and execution of randomized controlled trials to assess outcomes of treatment directed at fascial dysfunction. One other study to date has reported mean scores for the Bunkie test.

Independent t -tests were also calculated to assess for differences in Bunkie test position hold times between genders. Current performance measures are based on clinical recommendations. Baseball Strength Workout Program.

The Lyno Method

For the most part, Bunkie test scores were similar between those with prior history of musculoskeletal injury and those with no prior history. Conclusion This investigation presents normative data for the Bunkie test in healthy individuals. The assessment of function. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Keeping the same hold, bend both knees while keeping your right foot on the bench.

Descriptive studies are warranted to identify normative data in injured populations e. You can be released into the gym or the field and train to your heart's desire. Order of testing was randomized per each subject.

This is the first study to report normative Bunkie test scores for a healthy, general noncompetitive athlete population. There's actually a fairly simple explanation. An ancient civilization that perished thousands of years ago? The relationship between the bunkie-test and physical performance in rugby union players. Future investigations are warranted to determine the utility of the Bunkie test.

Some dude named Frederick Bunkie who accidentally discovered that his favorite couch position was actually a physical therapy breakthrough? There were no statistical differences in hold times when comparing male subjects with or without history of musculoskeletal injury. It invokes an image of someone doing a Push-Up on a bunk bed, or the name of your pet pug who won't stop drooling on himself. There were no statistical differences between test scores for male subjects based on age categorization. The test-retest reliability for each position was calculated during a pilot study prior to subject recruitment.

What the Heck is a Bunkie The Functional Core Strength Test You Need to Do

Subjects were recruited to participate in the study either via direct invitation or via recruitment flyers distributed throughout the university. Subjects completed a demographic questionnaire prior to testing. Work with a coach or trainer to strengthen those areas and try the test again. Finally, aspects of the testing protocol warrant further assessment.

The Lyno Method

The time that one was able to maintain the proper test position was recorded in seconds using a stopwatch. Indexed in Web of Science. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching. To receive news and publication updates for Rehabilitation Research and Practice, enter your email address in the box below. Clinicians should utilize caution and their clinical judgment when assessing the injured patient.

The Bunkie Test

There were no side-to-side differences between extremities for the total population. Functional performance testing for power and return to sports. Let's address that awkward exercise name. Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy.

Multifidus muscle recovery is not automatic after resolution of acute, first-episode low back pain. It was hypothesized that there would be no statistical difference in Bunkie test scores between sides e. Functional Testing in Human Performance.

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