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  • The applied striking mechanism looks very Southern, more specific Spanish.
  • It is a New Haven clock, that much I have been able to figure out.
  • This clock was brought back from Germany by my grandparents many years ago.

We have buyers with cash-in-hand standing by, in particular, wie flirtet ein skorpion for weight-driven regulators or tallcase clocks. This clock will strike one time on the half hour and then on the top of the hour it will gong out whatever time it is. Can you help me identify the maker and manufacture date please? On the back the stamp has a Capitol No. French Marble Top Side Table c.

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The frame is wood, though I don't know what kind. It's a pin wheel escapement with a six wheel going train, ca. As far as I've found out so far it's a black slate marble casing Ansonia clock. The anchor-wheel and part of the anchor are visible in the left top corner of the clock.


Antique Clock Dating and Identification

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. My father did not like the sound so she stopped. We bought it at an on-line auction because we liked its looks. How to order a new movement If just the movement option is selected, internet it will be a good replacement for many of the antique clock movements such as Sessions or New Haven and others. Please be sure that the spiral part of the gong is not touching anything even slightly like the wooden clock case.

The face is brass with three brass weights. It is unknown, partnersuche bad tölz when the Midol family left the Jura and started a clock workshop. Description What happened? Clock works appears to be of nearly all brass type metal. It has a carved casing I think in oak.

Dating hamburg american clock

Does anyone know the approximate year it was made? Kochmann has numerous references. This is called a verge assembly and is only sitting on a post that sticks out the movement. All styles come either just the movement or you can get it complete with hands, key, gong, gong base and pendulum.

It does not have a name or number anywhere that I can see. It came home with a Great-Grandfather from his Merchant Marine days. He claims it was made in the s, but I'm not so sure.

And not pertaining to my clock. However I was able to glue it back together so it looks original. This clock, fitted with a ceramic dial plate doesn't differ from the type, that was produced in the Jura in this period. It was made in Thomaston, lustige sprüche sie sucht Connecticut.

Antique Clock Movement Replica

It is my task to make it go again. It has a brass German movement. First thing to do is to see if the old movement looks like the style we are offering here. This musical train has been set up for three tunes ca.

Some Clock History

It used to have a glass dome over it. It is in perfect working order. What is the origin of this clock. The clock was made by the E. She owned an antique store in Connecticut many years ago.

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Richly decorated and high grade movements make them accurate and attractive to timekeepers today. Made in Germany, Hall Craft Corp. Made like a book which opens up front and back Maybe a desk clock. Welch or Sessions Clock Company but not sure.

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Telechron Digitel Anolog clock that looks digital. The skeleton of this clock has been entirely forged, which is a deviation of the generally applied system in this area to secure the top plate with nuts. You can post your clock here for other visitors to see. One of the most sympathetic types of Comtoises.

Their value has consistently increased amongst collectors see the serial number table below for Lenzkirch dating. The chart below provides another purportedly most recent list of the serial numbers and their corresponding years of production and is very useful for Lenzkirch dating. Which I am guessing is gear tooth count And the only other helpful dating tip is the plastic that is separating on the clock face. Converted to a stock holding firm and with new investors, the company was re-named to Hamburg-Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik Hamburg-American clock factory.

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Brass decoration and walnut and oak were used on many of their cases. It was made by Jules Rolez Limited, Paris. This is an English late Victorian fusee dial wall clock. The Kingdom of Württemberg for instance kept its own postal, railway and telegraph systems, and retained a large control over its own army. It remains doubtful whether the clock was intended to give both times.

Antique Clock Movement

  1. Is it common or does it have value?
  2. Over many years, I have learned a lot.
  3. It is the opinion of many that the Lenzkirch factory was the best industrialized factory in the Black Forest.
  4. Eight Day fusee movement, excellent time keeper.
  5. Here is a picture of the back.
  6. Is there any way to find out if they are worth repairing?

The hammer should hit the part of the gong in the center of the spiral that is a straight flat section coming off of the gong base. Building a replica Ordering. Two points spikes press into the wall or the wood, preventing the clock from slipping.

Although this clock is one-handed, the minutes indication on the rim of the dial suggests that this type of dial was used both for one-handed clocks and two-handed clocks. And a lot of brass was used. It states Brass Clock, Spring Clock. Hope someone can assist as some of the wheels are stripped and bended. Is in working order but needs a pendulum.

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Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd. Schneider, Lawrence, Mass. It still runs now that I put a new plug on it.

This is the style bar movement that is used on many antique American time strike units. This is measured the American way not the German way. The movements we have listed below are a replica of the most common antique American movements that were made in mass production. Probably the clock has been fitted with a painted dial-plate, the pewter chapter ring dates from a later period.

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You will also need to send any information you have obtained from the clock. Because of the application of the three frets and the pinnacles on top of the clock, this rich specimen strongly reminds us of a lantern-clock. Many clock makers and companies put their names directly on the dial and on the movement.

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