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Reset the monitor to Factory Settings. Use a long screwdriver to push the release latch located in a hole just above the monitor stand. Use a slightly dampened, warm cloth to clean the plastics.

Common problemsDell E Series E - LED monitor - 22 Series Specs

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Eliminate video extension cables. You can select different settings if required. If you do not detect any screen abnormalities upon using the built-in diagnostic tool, the monitor is functioning properly. Some items may be optional and may not ship with your monitor. When Lock is selected, no user adjustments are allowed.

Assemble the stand riser to stand base. Set all Windows volume controls to their midpoints. No Sound Plug the audio line-in cable into the computer's audio out jack.

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The visible result is a fixed pixel that appears as an extremely tiny dark or bright discolored spot. Click Contact Us on the left side of the page. Vertical Position Use the or buttons to adjust image up and down. Environmental Protection Agency.

Need help with finding a Dell product? Attach your monitor panels with a simple snap and enjoy the flexibility of an articulating Dell monitor arm. Do not use with any device other than the Dell Soundbar.

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Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Troubleshoot the computer's sound card.

Tilt adjustment capability. No picture or no brightness. Decrease the volume of the audio source. Perform monitor self-test feature check and determine if these lines are also in self-test mode. Preset Modes Allows you to choose from a list of preset color modes.

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Personalize Select this option allows you to set two shortcut button. Check the video card and computer.

Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Reset Display Settings Select this option to restore default display settings. All manuals on ManualsCat. Relocate the monitor and test in another room. If your monitor screen remains blank after you use the previous procedure, check your video controller and computer, because your monitor is functioning properly.

Slide the monitor stand body in the correct direction down onto the stand base until it clicks into place. Before cleaning the monitor, unplug the monitor power cable from the electrical outlet. Increase the volume of the audio application. Press the and buttons to toggle between options in the Menu. Confirm that the power cable from the Soundbar is plugged into the adapter.

Check environmental factors. Adjust brightness first, 500 most common english words pdf and adjust contrast only if you need further adjustment. Increases the color temperature. Display Position Adjustments.

Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the Safety Instructions. Inspect the display for any abnormalities. Power Consumption Operational.

Decreases the color temperature. This feature can make the image look sharper or softer.

See Monitor Specifications for the horizontal and vertical frequency ranges addressable by this monitor. Auto Adjust Use this button to activate automatic setup and adjust menu.

Dell E Series E - LED monitor - 22 Series Specs

The stand base is detached when the monitor is shipped from the factory. Avoid using an audio cable extension or audio jack converter. You can run the built-in diagnostics only when the video cable is unplugged and the monitor is in self-test mode.

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Chat live with a Small Business Tech Advisor. Allows you to adjust the contrast or the degree of difference between darkness and lightness on the monitor screen. Set all Windows volume controls to their maximum.

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Decrease the volume of the audio application. Turn off your computer and disconnect the power cable.

Set all Windows audio balance controls L-R to their midpoints. Right-click on the desktop and select Personalization. Slide the Soundbar to the left until it snaps into place. Icon Menu and Submenus Description Energy Use This meter shows the energy level being consumed by the monitor in real time.

Ensure that the screen is clean no dust particles on the surface of the screen. Press the button to enter the slide bar and then use the or buttons, according to the indicators on the menu, to make your changes. See Solving Problems for more information. Ensure that the video cable connecting the monitor to the computer is connected properly and is secure.