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National Archives and Records Administration, pdf file splitter free software Vol. Such records may be declassified or downgraded by the agency in possession after consultation with any other agency that has an interest in the subject matter of the records. Our democratic principles require that the American people be informed of the activities of their Government.

The agency head may appeal such a decision to the President through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. An agency head or senior agency official may waive this requirement for specific information originated within that agency. For purposes of this section, the Department of Defense shall be considered one agency. The bylaws shall establish the rules and procedures that the Panel will follow in accepting, considering, and issuing decisions on appeals.

Amendment to EO 12958

The President may direct the agency head not to exempt the file series or to declassify the information within that series at an earlier date than recommended. Information Security Oversight Office. The Director of the Information Security Oversight Office shall ensure that agencies provide the Archivist with adequate and current declassification guides.

Duration of Classification. Protecting information critical to e. These changes provide a greater opportunity to emphasize our commitment to open Government. That official will determine, as an exercise of discretion, whether the public interest in disclosure outweighs the damage to the national security that might reasonably be expected from disclosure. The Panel may direct the agency not to exempt the information or to declassify it at an earlier date than recommended.

Panel decisions are committed to the discretion of the Panel, unless changed by the President. Authority for Declassification. Further amendment to Executive Orderas amended, classified national security information.

File series exemptions previously approved by the President shall remain valid without any additional agency action. Wikisource has original eo. They also shall provide a means for administratively appealing a denial of a mandatory review request, and for notifying the requester of the right to appeal a final agency decision to the Panel. Classified information in the United States. Upon reaching the date or event, the information shall be automatically declassified.

The information will remain classified while such an appeal is pending. Identification and Markings. An agency head may appeal a decision of the Panel to the President through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Information disclosed under this provision or implementing directives and procedures shall not be deemed declassified as a result of such disclosure or subsequent use by a recipient. They shall release this information unless withholding is otherwise authorized and warranted under applicable law.

Recipients shall cooperate fully with distributors who are updating distribution lists and shall notify distributors whenever a relevant change in status occurs. Mandatory Declassification Review. When such questions arise, they shall be referred to the agency head or the senior agency official. In recent years, however, dramatic changes have altered, although not eliminated, the national security threats that we confront. Systematic Declassification Review.

This analysis is contradicted by the supplemental E. Declassification Database. These procedures shall apply to information classified under this or predecessor orders. The Archivist shall establish priorities for the systematic review of these records based upon the degree of researcher interest and the likelihood of declassification upon review. However, the Archivist may require that classified records be accessioned into the National Archives when necessary to comply with the provisions of the Federal Records Act.

E.O.12958 PDF



Agencies with primary subject matter interest shall be notified promptly of the Archivists decision. The subsequent revisions to the regulations governing Classified E. In other projects Wikisource.


E.O.12958 PDF

Use of Derivative Classification. The information shall remain classified pending a prompt decision on the appeal. Such disclosures shall be reported promptly to the originator of the classified information.

Executive Order 12958

Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel. The Chair shall schedule meetings as may be necessary for the Panel to fulfill its functions in a timely manner. The Director shall revoke any waiver upon a finding of abuse. The duplication or reproduction of existing classified information is not derivative classification. For purposes of this section, the Director of Central Intelligence may issue an implementing directive governing the emergency disclosure of classified intelligence information.

Protecting information critical to our Nation's security remains a priority. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Changed the classification and handling of sensitive e. Each delegation shall identify the official by name or position title.

The Director shall determine the agency having primary subject matter interest and forward the information, with appropriate recommendations, to that agency for a classification determination. Any final decision by the Archivist may be appealed by the requester or an agency to the Panel. Executive orders of George W. Classification Challenges.

Automatic Declassification. An agency shall not disclose information originally classified by another agency without its authorization. These directives shall be binding upon the agencies.

Executive Order 13292

Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. In accordance with standards prescribed in directives issued under this order, the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office may grant waivers of this requirement. The staff of the Information Security Oversight Office shall provide program and administrative support for the Panel. The date or event shall not exceed the time frame established in paragraph b of this section. The President shall select the Chair of the Panel from among the Panel members.

Articles needing more detailed references. General Restrictions on Access. These guides shall conform to standards contained in directives issued under this order.


If it is not clear which agency has classification responsibility for this information, it shall be sent to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office. Agencies shall prioritize the systematic review of records based upon the degree of researcher interest and the likelihood of declassification upon review.