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Export GridView to PDF Using C

In the figure below the GridView is shown with four buttons. For exporting the document to Excel if you do it directly as done in case of word the row background color is applied throughout to all the columns in the Excel Sheet hence in order to avoid it. Firstly the GridView is again populated with data from database after setting AllowPaging to false. In an export to Word, write this code on btnexport towards the Click event. First I am changing the background color of each row back to white.

By default the iTextSharp Library does not support background color of table cells or table rows. Take away the images and code blocks and there is nothing left. Export to Microsoft Word Format. You will notice I have disabled paging before exporting, so that all the pages are exported.

Anything I'm not doing correctly? Hi, This is Mudassar Khan. Articles Quick Answers Messages. This site makes use of Cookies. In this post, I will show the power to export data to other document software.

Thank you a lot in advance. How about Contributing rather than Criticizing. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. My, but aren't we supportive.

All in One Export Data in - CodeProject

SetCacheability HttpCacheability. You will need to import the following namespaces.

As a seasoned programmer, this article is just what I need to start down a track on something I've never done. Related Links Guidance Samples Videos. It still opens ok if you try it, but I'd imagine this is a very dirty dirty thing to expect your users to deal with. In other software, you have a lot of work that can be done in an easy manner.

Dim sb As New StringBuilder. The code does not control user System. GetInstance pdfDoc, Response. Download and install instructions are provided in the link below. Dim sw As New StringWriter.

Below is the code to bind the GridView with records from the Customers table of the Northwind database. The only issue I'm running into is ItemTemplates.

Using dt As New DataTable. Please suggest how to do that. Needing a bit of help here. Dim sr As New StringReader sw.

All in One Export Data in ASP.NET

This is not quite working for me. This completes the article you can view the live demo here. Web The grid is filled with a true picture if all display shows a cross. Using sw As New StringWriter.

How to export GridView data to PDF file in

While looping through the GridView columns and appending comma after each column and while looping through rows appending new line character. Implement Paging in GridView. Export to Portable Document Format. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Thank you for visiting this website.

Then I am applying the background color to each individual cell rather than the whole row. Software Developer Mencentric Infotech Pvt. Recently I read an article on hamang.

Hi Hear is the solution with details and solution for the problems when exporting Click Here. Then import the following Namespaces.

Export to Word In an export to Word, write this code on btnexport towards the Click event. Introduction In this post, sap fashion management solution pdf I will show the power to export data to other document software. Export to Microsoft Excel Format. Net GridView and a Button. Thus when you export now you will notice that the formatting is applied only to the GridView cells and not all.

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All in One Export Data in - CodeProject

All in One Export Data in ASP.NET

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