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At the moment, it seemed that nothing worked, least of all his brain. Jeremy pulled a pair of worn breeches on under his nightshirt and stumbled toward the bedchamber door.

This was a great read, and I'm definitely going to pick up the next books in this trilogy. The secondary characters added just the right touch to the story, but the true scene stealer was Sophia and her crazy fantasies and stories had me laughing and shaking my head. Lush curves molded against his chest. If only Lucy could hear herself compared to a lump of coal.

Goddess of the Hunt

The hero is aware of this. Lucy is the sister of Henry. He could, however, ignore her request for a drink. Anyway, that didn't last long and didn't really curb my overall enjoyment of this story. It is always exciting to find a new author that writes wonderful books!

Goddess of the Hunt

The reason Lucy is kissing Jeremy is because she needs practice. She's been in love with Toby since she was a girl and won't let him just slip by. He tries to distract Lucy from her plan, but starts to wonder if he will be caught in her trap himself. And because of that all his stupid mistakes, his wrong reactions were just showing how much he cares! At times I was irritated with Lucy for being so fixated on Toby, but most times I was just embarrassed for her.

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There was humor, sparring, angst, and wicked scheming to be had. Alternately naive and annoying or strong and sage.

Every autumn, Lucy clung to Toby like a tick on a hound. When she started interacting with Sophia. And nothing but excitement can come from how her story ended in this book. What a breath of fresh air! Read the deleted and, fair warning, never professionally edited prologue.

Delightful, sweet and sexy are only a few words that come to mind when I finished reading Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare. Is it even worth it to finish? He bent his head and his mouth found hers.

But Lucy Waltham, the heroine, herself? Everything she does is in good faith. Twice, he could not mistake.

Lots of thinking and fretting and not enough talking. And poor Jeremy never knew what hit him!

He is also fascinated to find this girl has grown into a beautiful woman and he never noticed it. Jeremy is shocked when Lucy kisses him.

Goddess of the Hunt

Tessa Dare has this excellent ability to write female characters well. As I said in my giddy post above, Tessa Dare does all those things I've been wanting authors to do.

Quotes from Goddess of the Hunt. This is the second time I read Goddess Of The Hunt, because I want to finish the trilogy and I barely remembered the characters and what happened to them. All in all, Goddess of the Hunt was a pleasant read. Lucy Waltham is hunting for a husband, magazine pdfs but she needs some target practice.

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It was a matter of self-preservation. So much for safe distances. Jeremy, our lead, actually wasn't all that alpha in the traditional sense. Fans of steamy regency historical romance.

Jeremy punched the arm of his chair. Jeremy finds Lucy to be a silly, immature girl. The impropriety of the entire situation struck him with sudden force. They end up married, as you do, and have to figure both their sh! When had Lucy grown curves?