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Spring hinges are of different types. They are also available as self-closing types.

It is so named for the two barrel pins that are recessed into the edge of the door and the frame. Double Acting Spring Hinges - A type of spring hinge that has springs to help open or close a door. We would love to hear from you and we appreciate the good and the bad.

Source In this an L-shaped screw is fitted into the post which is attached to the gate. These hinge are common in restaurants and for commercial use. These hinges work well on any steel garage door and will not rust or fade. Placement and number required varies according to door material and size. Pivot Hinges are installed at the top of the door frame as well as in the floor.

For those of you who are new to purchasing hinges, we have provided you with a resource library of common terms in the industry. These hinges also come in various thicknesses, pin diameters, and knuckle lengths.

The Blum Guide to Concealed Hinges. They are normally used when the doors are set in a wide door jam. Most gates are made of wood, metal, or vinyl and require a unique type of hinge for each. Are you looking for hinges? It therefore requires that only one mortise be cut in the door or door frame, offering a space-saving technique.

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We offer a magnetic version of the traditional strap hinge that does not have to be screwed into anything. However practically through most of its application, hinges allow movement only on one plane about the central axis. Heavy Duty Hinges Heavy duty hinges are made of various hinge styles used in heavy duty applications. Construction method that has a wood frame around the front of the cabinet box. We may say, human body comprises of hinges in the form of body Joints!


The other leaf plate is a long extension that is meant to be anchored to the horizontal rail on a wooden gate. We are equipped to produce special and fabricated hinges and perform such operations as hole punching, forming, offsetting, notching, countersinking, finishing and plating see How to Order Hinges. Commitment Monroe is committed to customer satisfaction, we strive for continuous improvement in our products and our people.

Butt hinges are most commonly used in multiples, three or fours. Bi-fold hinges have multiple pivot points that allow a tighter swing with a greater degree of travel. They can be configured either left- or right-handed, with or without holes.

Institutional Hinges Institutional Hinges are commonly shorter in length typically manufactured of stainless steel with rounded machined knuckles. They are meant to be welded on directly to a gate or any other metal surfaces. Stainless Steel Hinges - Stainless steel is a common material used in door hinges. This help to prevent both the door and frame from sagging.

Piano Hinges This type of hinge is also known as a continuous hinge. They are often made of brass or another decorative metal, and are most often used on ornamental boxes or cabinets. Overlay Hinges Overlay hinges fold into each other. Soft-close devices can be added to most hinges. Some are sturdy hardware items that must hold up the heavy weight of a large entry door opening and closing thousands of times over the lifetime of the door.

Hinges are the essential hardware that allows doors to pivot on one edge as they open and close. Same with drawer slides, microsoft office 2010 to pdf converter cabinet doors using soft close hinges prevent slamming and minimize noise. See a list of hinges below to see what we offer.

These hinges are normally sold in pairs, with one installed at the bottom of a door and a mirror-image hinge installed at the top. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. It is commonly used in toolbox lids as a side support. Other hinges are found on decorative items and are used only occasionally but must fit the style of a chest or cabinet.

You can tell in this picture how the width is greater than the height. Weld On Hinges - Weld on hinges have no holes in them. In this an L-shaped screw is fitted into the post which is attached to the gate. These are also called Mortise Hinge.

Wrap hinges are available in residential, furniture and heavy duty institutional versions. Flag Hinges A Flag Hinge can be taken apart with a fixed pin on one leaf. They act as an option of door closing devices.

Magnetic Strap Hinges - A strap hinge in a traditional sense is a hinge with long leaves or straps for screwing into a door or gate. Flag hinges are manufactured as a right hand and a left hand configuration.

Types of Hinges

Plain bearing hinges are typically less expensive than ball bearing hinges and have a tendency to squeek over time. Butt hinges are the most common type of hinges used on entry doors and passage doors, as well as some cabinet doors. Panel Box Hinges Monroe's strap hinges come in all styles and sizes, from heavy duty to light duty. This type of hinge is often used for utility applications, such as doors on sheds or garages, although decorative hinges are also available. We give time for this as we know that the next story is yours.

The types of hinges are as per the use and where they need to be fitted to. With large doors, they are often installed in threes in order to provide sufficient closing force. Source These are also called Mortise Hinge. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. In addition, security features on a hinge can include a security tab.

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We offer a wide variety of gate hinges and hardware in highly rust resistant material like Stainless Steel and Polymer to stand up to the elements. They are supported by the bottom arm and the floor instead of the door frame which reduces the stress on the frame. Monthly Specials Bargain Bin. From safety point of view, is it fire resistant? Continuous Hinges This type of hinge is also known as a piano hinge.

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