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Better than the thousand names of Shiva are the names of the Devi, And Oh Agasthya, the thousand names of Devi are one crore times better. The Wise one who repeats it at least once in his life time lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi the following results. Without reading these thousand names and trying to please the Goddess, Is like a fool trying to see a form without the eyes. Samarchayed sada bhakthya thasya thushyathi Sundari, Bahunathra kimukthena srunu thwam Kmbha sambhava.

Chanting the king of chants followed by worship of Sri Chakra, And reading the thousand names gets the same result as doing Austerity Thapas. Then he should repeat the Vidya a thousand laliyha, or three hundred or one hunderd times at least. The devotee would get the effect of lalihta bath in sacred rivers like Ganga, Or One crore times and also the same effect as consecrating one lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi lingas. But for the advice given to me by Goddess Lalitha to tell you these. Chathurashrama lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi keerthaneeyamidham sada, Swadharma samanushtaana vaikalya paripoorthaye.

Yasthyakthwa nama sahasaram papa hani mabhhepsathi, Sa hi seethe nivrthyartha hima shailam nishevathe. Jalam samanthrasya kumbhastham nama sahasratho mune, Aabhishichedha graham grasthaan graham nasyanthi thath kshanaath. While Sampatkari devi was the captain of the elephant regiment, Aswarooda devi was the captain of the cavalry. Would be killed by arrows by Sharabheswara.

Please recite these with devotion, Oh sage Agasthya, And the goddess will be pleased and fulfill your wishes. Ya kotim hayamedhanaa maharedh gaangarodhasee, Achareth koopa kotiyom nirjare maru bhoothale. This type of prayer has never existed in the past or will exist in future.

The phala sruti of the Lalitha Sahasranama is considered to be a seperate stotra from the Sahasranama unlike in the Vishnu Sahasranama where the phala sruti is a part of the stotra. On Navami or on Chathurdasi or Fridays of the waxing moon, And on the full moon day singing lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi is very special. In this world it is rare to lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi Upasakas of Sri Vidhya, And it is also rare to find those who read the secret thousand names. By continuing to use lalitha sahasranamam phala sruthi website, you agree to their use.

Chant the Sri Vidya mantra either times or times, And then these secret thousand names should be read. Will have the fickle minded Goddess of wealth, live in his house permanently. Prathi masam pournamasya mabhir nama sahasrakai, Rathrou yas chakra rajastha marchayeth para devathaam. On Navami or on Chathurdasi or Fridays of the waxing moon, And on the full moon day singing this is very special.

As soon as they see the face of one who chants, The thousand secret names daily, the saints salute him. The devotee would get the effect of taking bath in sacred rivers like Ganga, Or One crore times and also the same effect as consecrating one crore lingas. If you become at your last birth an Upasaka of Sri Vidhya, By reading the thousand names, this birth would become your last.

Forsaking the thousand names and trying to get occult powers, Is like satiating hunger after forsaking all meals. In the Sri Chakra are the following decorations viz. If these thousand names are dedicated on Friday, To the Sri Chakra of the goddess, please hear the benefits. There is no prayer similar to this won, Which would give pleasures an salvation, Oh sage, For men by singing these thousand names, Would get both pleasures as well as salvation. That devotee who sings these names of Lalitha Devi, Need not sing any other for she will be pleased, Only by singing of this even for hundreds of eons.

These thousand names are to be read for making the mother happy, But this prayer which I told is a secret, Oh sage Agasthya. It is by repeating the names of other deities in Crores of births, that faith is generated to repeat the names of Sri Devi. Of Sage Agasthya, I would not have told them to you independently. Yea Kroora drushtya veekshanthe nama sahasra padakam, Thaan andhaan kuruthe ksipram swayam marthanda bhirava. Na vidhyaavedhinebrooya nnama bhakthaya kadachana.

Meditating on Goddess Lakshmi and goddess Lalithambika, If the thousand names are read, effect of poison will vanish. The Yogis would be very angry with them, For this would lead them to problems, And that is why these secret thousand names, Are kept as great secret from every one. For getting rid of diseases touch holy ash and chant the thousand names, And by wearing that ash all diseases would immediately be cured.

Maha navamyam yo bhaktha Sri Devi chakra madhyagaam, Archaye nnama saahasrai sthasya mukthi kare sthithaa. That devotee who worships her on mahanavami day, On the Sri Chakra using these thousand names, Would certainly attain salvation.

Samarchayed sada bhakthya thasya thushyathi Sundari, Bahunathra kimukthena srunu thwam Druthi sambhava. Kalou papaika bahule dharmanushtana varjathe, Namanu keerthanam mukthwa nrunaam nanya paraayanam. He who chants these thousand names, Without any desires or attachments, Would get the knowledge of Brhamam, And would be released from the bonds of life. Heeding for their request Paramashiva stared at the ashes of Manmatha.

Sri Lalita Sahasranamam & its Brief MeaningsPhala sruthi of Lalitha Sahasranamam

There are ten important names out of these thousand names, And all these are praise worthy are praise worthy. It is a cure for all types of fever, and gives rise to long life, It gives son that too first son and gives three types of wealth.

Phala sruthi of Lalitha Sahasranamam

He who learns the king of sri Manthras and offers it to Sri Chakram, And sings these thousand names, would be considered as holy by the learned. This special prayer of goddess to with an aim to please her, Should be chanted daily after worshipping of Lalitha. At the end you would get salvation under Lalitha, which is difficult to obtain, And get all benefits of praying Gods like Shiva without any doubt. Even the sin caused by very bad act of not doing the daily sacred routines, Would go away and all the sins would be destroyed speedily.

Devotees who daily sing these thousand names, Would be blessed by Lalitha Devi by fulfilling their wishes. Oh, Sage born out of the pot, please hear the results, Of reading these in the middle of life by devotees.

Sri Lalita Sahasranamam & its Brief Meaning

Why describe in so many words? Even if the names of other Gods are sung in crores of births, It is equal only to singing of the thousand names with devotion. This cures all diseases and gives rise to all types of wealth, It cures all accidental deaths and is an antidote to untimely death. All your desires would be fulfilled, You would lead a life with all blessings, You would be surrounded by sons and grand sons, And enjoy all the pleasures of life.

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Sri Lalita Sahasranamam & its Brief Meaning

These names which were told, Oh Agasthya, Are secret of the secrets and are very dear to Lalitha. Better than the names of Vishnu are the names of Shiva, gutenberg bible pdf But in all the worlds there is nothing better than names of Lalitha.

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