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Your hips rotate independently of your torso. Being a linebacker comes with a lot of head-on collisions. Move to each cone using a different type of movement and a predefined pattern. This drill is essential for teaching a linebacker how to react to plays like draws and screens. Easy to add coach or manager at the end of drill with a ball and add scope and score to the drill.

Zachary Kappel Hertel-Therrien. For this drill the Guards and backfield can do four different things that the linebackers must respond to.

3 Linebacker Footwork Drills for Speed and Quickness

Escape happen on every run play V. On the whistle, accelerate forward to the right of the bag.

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These five simple drills will help you become a more complete linebacker in a hurry. The elbows of the linebacker should be over the knees, but not resting on them, fablehaven book 5 pdf with hands in a ready-to-strike position.

This helps prevent a running back from successfully cutting back to leave you tackling the air. Perform six total reps, alternating the side you start on. Cones can be placed to simulate the offensive line to give the drill a more authentic feeling.

Sprint full speed through the second cone and decelerate. Flow to- Take initial read step with inside foot.

Backers step toward the blocker and shed them, re-gather, step to the other blocker and re-gather. By adding an extra gap, the defense must bring another defender down to deal with the run threat.

Inside linebackers will focus mainly on the guards and fullbacks. Keep your eyes and chest up. The exact arrangement of the bags at the beginning of the drill can vary.

Backers attack with bent knees and waist. Once you touch that cone, sprint back to the starting cone. The last player in line will act as the running back and have a ball in his outside arm. The success of a linebacker stopping a run play for minimum gain lies in his ability to read the play and react to it without hesitation. Fold hard across the top of your end to secure cutback.

If you do not beat the back turn and sprint pass l. If linemen drive out hard, backers play the run while watching the running back and being cautious of the play-action pass. This drill works on a player's ability to fight off a low block before making a tackle. Sit in the film room with your linebacker and implement these drills and techniques into your linebacker routine and watch your linebackers grow and become a feared force. Your ankles should remain flexed with toes up so that each step lands on the ball of the foot.

Come out of the bags with low pad level and your eyes on the dummy. He will run through each player then angle tackles the running back at the end. He is also bent at the waist, low enough to make his number difficult to read.

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The Guard Read Drill is the perfect drill to practice this skill and can be done every day so the linebackers naturally read their guards without thinking. Visualize a ceiling just above your head.

Once you're in position to make the tackle, place your lead foot in front of the ball carrier and fire your arms around the dummy while making contact with your shoulder. Lineman Conditioning Purpose This conditioning drill teaches the linemen to explode low, not stand up at the snap. Outside linebackers are responsible for keeping the ball contained inside, so they usually line up on the outside shoulder of the tackle. Slap the ball the blocker and the back move together. Accelerate to get in tackling position.


The linebacker will rip through the blocks using his shoulder and forearm. If the guard pulls, the linebacker should fight to the outside in the direction the guard is going. Wide base, toes pointed slightly inward, back straight and head up. Line up roughly yards away from the dummy.

This hit position will take you to the surgeon. This drill is fairly simple but extremely important. Great for hip explosion, fit on ball carrier, and toughness. If the offense is in the shotgun, the backers cross-key, meaning that they read the back away from them.

The backside linebacker should slowly come over and is responsible for any cutback. Since tackling is a linebacker's main responsibility, the following five drills focus largely on that skill. Each linebacker drill focuses either on one technique or on combining linebacker techniques which previously should have been practiced isolated by basic linebacker drills.

Run-fold aggressively inside. The key is drilling your linebackers to read the Guards and trust that they will bring them to the ball.

Pass Rush Drill Purpose Allows players to gain better take-off, great movement and acceleration to the quarterback. Your eyes remain focused on the offensive backfield while your lower body moves to make a play.