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Using Numeric Method In a text entry screen, press to switch entry methods until the W numeric indicator displays. Location Indicator Your phone may be able to send location information to the network during an emergency o call. Fill in the other fields to complete the entry. Do wireless phones pose a health hazard?

Welcome to the world of Motorola digital wireless communications! Phone Operation Motorola-supplied or approved clip, holder, holster, case, or body harness for this phone, corporate financial accounting and reporting tim sutton pdf if available. Product Registration Product registration is an important step toward enjoying your new Motorola product.

Repetitive Motion Injuries video games. To prevent injuries or burns, do not allow metal objects to contact or short-circuit the battery terminals.

It also displays messages to notify you of incoming calls and other events. Exercise care in handling any charged battery, particularly when placing it inside a pocket, purse, or other container with metal objects. Page What steps can I take to reduce my exposure to radio frequency energy from my wireless phone? The use of these devices may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas.

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Motorola V220 GSM Manuals & User Guides

Press it again to switch to silent alert. Use of Non-Motorola Products and Accessories. The image shrinks to fill the display, if necessary.

If no voicemail number is stored, your phone prompts you to store a number. The available scientific evidence does not show that any health problems are associated with using wireless phones. Option Description Store Create a phonebook entry with the number in the No. Find the Feature This example shows that from the home screen, you must press M, scroll to and select s Recent Calls from the main menu, then scroll to and select Dialed Calls.


Find the Feature This example shows that from the home screen, you must press M, scroll to and select s. Receiving A Voicemail Message Receiving a Voicemail Message When you receive a voicemail message, your phone displays the f voicemail message indicator and a New Voicemail notification. Using Call Waiting Using Call Waiting When you are on a call, an alert tone sounds to indicate that you have received a second call.

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In a multimedia letter, you may have to highlight an indicator in the text to play a sound file or video clip. You can safely leave the travel charger connected to your phone after charging is complete. Feature Quick Reference Feature Quick Reference This section helps you locate features on your phone that are not described in this guide. Use the volume keys to adjust the volume as the sound file or video clip plays. Press center to perform right softkey function.

Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. Press the up volume key to cycle back to vibrate alert, then ring alert. Any use of a phone must be in accordance with applicable regulations per airline crew instructions. This ring or vibration is called an alert.

Data Transmission Indicator Shows connection and data transmission status. When you communicate with your phone, the system handling your call controls the power level at which your phone transmits. Page short circuit and become quite hot. This can be faster than method, because your phone combines the keypresses into common words.

You can still select the menu icons when they are hidden from view. When you fill memory space for unrecognized words, your phone deletes the oldest words to add new words. Entering Text Press S to scroll up or down to highlight the option you want.

Dialing International Numbers Emergency numbers vary by country. Press M from the home screen to edit your name and phone number.

Aircraft When instructed to do so, turn off your phone when on board an aircraft. In an alphabetized list, press a key repeatedly to cycle through the letters on the key and highlight the closest matching list option. The secondary text entry method see below to set. To listen to your messages, you must call your voicemail phone number. Labels at the bottom corners of the display show the current soft key functions.

Motorola V220 Owner s Manual

Transferring A Call Transferring a Call You can announce that you are transferring an active call to another party, or you can directly o transfer the call. The H menu indicator indicates that you can press the menu key M to enter the main menu. The screen saver image displays when the phone is on and no activity is detected for a specified time. Find the Feature Setting Display Timeout Set the display to turn itself off when no activity is detected for a specified time. We recommend that you store batteries in their protective cases when not in use.

Press S to scroll to and highlight a menu feature icon in the main menu. If you want to store a voicemail number with these characters, create a phonebook entry for it. Delete All Delete all entries in the list. Highlight Features Highlight Features You can do much more with your phone than make and receive calls! Recycling your wireless phone reduces the amount of waste disposed in landfills and allows recycled materials to be incorporated into new products.

Page Check the laws and regulations on the use of wireless telephones and their accessories in the areas where you drive. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products.

Press the center select button to select a highlighted menu item. Dial or other local emergency number in the case of fire, traffic accident or medical emergencies. The New Recyclable Your wireless phone can be recycled. You can send the multimedia message to other wireless phone users, and to email addresses. If you see an auto accident, crime in progress or other serious emergency where lives are in danger, call or other local emergency number, as you would want others to do for you.

Motorola V220 Owner s Manual