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If the change is not adopted, it has to be sent back to the Subcommittee for reconsideration. Wilkens, Germany, was appointed Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Integumentum commune, a position vacated by the death of R. Many structures had different names in different countries, and many were named after the man credited with the first description. The Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Systema nervosum periphericum, J. The Executive Committee of the I.

Constantinescu, Professor Y. An answer to this letter is expected within three months. Kleiss respectively, and the following new members were added to the I. The recommendations of the Subcommittee will be submitted to the Executive Committee. It was decided to poll the membership on this question.

Schaller was appointed his successor. This list also failed to achieve international acceptance. The fourth edition of the N. The Subcommittee on Anatomia Avium was abolished. The present members of the Executive Committee of the I.

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Weber was elected to maintain liaison between the subcommittees on embryology of the I. Some of its sweeping reforms were especially important to veterinary anatomists, who were represented on the committee by H. Frewein was appointed Secretary of the I. In the third edition of Nomina Anatomica N. At the next meeting of the I.

Illustrated Veterinary Anatomical Nomenclature

Schaller was appointed Executive Vice Chairman and R. Schreiber, turned over the position to R.

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If a member does not respond, the secretary will send him a letter by regular surface mail, or will try to get in contact via E-mail or phone if known. In many cases the same organ was associated with the names of different anatomists in different countries.

Denmark, was appointed to the Subcommittee on Histologia. According to the guidelines of the I.

Since the publication of the fourth edition of the N. The original members of the I.

The Editorial Committee should establish the principles on which these decisions are to be made throughout the N. This committee under the chairmanship of M. Each nation had its own system of terminology, although there was a common foundation that extended far back into history. The membership of this Subcommittee had been greatly augmented by the appointment of a large group of consultants in comparative neuroanatomy.

The Editorial Committee performed all related alterations of the manuscript and forwarded an electronic data file to the Secretary General of the W. The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Angiologia, F. Each member of the Executive Committee has one vote, regardless of the number of positions held.

The following new members of the I. After a period of three months, the recommendations shall be polled by the Secretary.

An Editorial Committee consisting of J. Habel Vice Chairman of the I. It was, however, used in wellknown textbooks. Mosimann were transferred to the Subcommittee on Angiologia. McClure was appointed to replace him.

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Of course, many terms necessary in veterinary anatomy were not listed, but established veterinary anatomical terms were easily adapted to the linguistic rules of the J. Anatomia Veterinariasisson y grossman. Guidelines for the procedure to change terms in the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria adopted by the I.

It was also decided that the revised Nomina Histologica should be published with the N. The present revised version of the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria N. The first effort to compile a unified anatomical terminology produced the Basel Nomina Anatomica B. The standard anatomical position was abandoned and the terms of direction were related to parts of the body, basic electrical notes pdf making the terms applicable to all vertebrates.

Habermehl was transferred to the Subcommittee on Splanchnologia. The Termini generales, Partes corporis, and terms of direction to serve as the basis of the whole nomenclature were discussed and adopted.

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He will distribute them to all members of the Subcommittee concerned. Un lindo portal con todo lo que buscas! Proposals for changes may be submitted at any time to the Secretary.

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Bressou and decided to found an International Association of Veterinary Anatomists with the primary objective of preparing a nomenclature of veterinary anatomy based on the P. The Subcommittee on Histologia et Embryologia was replaced by two separate subcommittees chaired by A.

Consequently the veterinary anatomists present at the Congress in Paris met on the initiative of C. Schaller was appointed to prepare the manuscript for publication.

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