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Miniscope v2c - open source PC USB oscilloscope using STM32F

This also sets correct range for trigger level. Finally, someone that realises the importance of detail. The capacitors are, as usual, used to stabilize the levels and their values are the ones suggested in the datasheets.

Oscilloscope and data acquisition library

The dead time can be caused by various reasons like having to draw on the screen or having to store the data somewhere. That means that the shielded cable can be viewed as a lumped capacitor rather than an inductor. Measuring instruments Electronic test equipment. The project if far from completed, though.

Probes are connected to the oscilloscope with a cable matching the characteristic impedance of the oscilloscope input. But since the ability of changing the prescaler factor lets us change the acquisition rate, ov7960 pdf we can use it also to change the timescale of the oscilloscope.

Miniscope v2c - open source PC USB oscilloscope using STM32FPico Technology

The many fine strands and the thick insulation make the wire thicker than ordinary hookup wire. Opensource Ornithopter Prototype. Display and trigger modes, sampling rate, channel gains, channel offset trigger offset and number of samples can be set using the simple controls.

They are available for both voltmeters and oscilloscopes. Make sure that thread that is reading data is working with higher priority than others. It seems that everything is working alright and I am pretty satisfied. One of the two is connected to the Arduino power connector so it feeds both the Arduino and my circuit and the other directly to the circuit.

Mash Up Arduino Code Samples. This needs to be done carefully so as not to create any accidental connection to neighboring tracks. Inserting the pin strip into the board, as on the picture, we can push the pins, to have them only on one side of the black plastic.

Step 2 Block Schematic and Function Description

Dear Joe, Thank you for your mail. Corner frequency related to scope input time constant. Therefore it may not be oscillating or oscillating at a wrong frequency.

Otherwise, the result is right adjusted. In the sketch, I wrote another initialization function that sets-up all the parameters of the Timer functioning and initializes a couple of pins. This reduced the overhead required to send the data and the bottleneck of the sketches that I found on the internet. It has the advantage of not needing a dedicated programmer and can be programmed using a freeware using the serial port. The name that I came up with, Girino, is a frivolous pun in Italian.

Either way, the probe must be adjusted so that it provides uniform attenuation at all frequencies. Dear Ajoyraman, thank you for sharing this project. The sketch for the Arduino is attached to this step, along with the schematic of the circuit that I made. What would be Your verdict, can Your addon be used on Stellaris Launchpad easily?

The current transformer rejects common mode voltages, so an accurate single-ended voltage measurement can be made on a grounded secondary. This is how we get a V with isolated power supplies. Wery rarely it works normaly. But bravo to the invention. Near-field probes allow the measurement of an electromagnetic field.

However, when we try to run the code with minor changes the serial monitor outputs data that makes no sense. Finally we have gotten to the kernel of the program! Only the Toggle trigger mode seems to work. Could deliver source code.

Step 1 Specifications

This gives us more possibilities with the power supplies. So declaring volatile variables it prevents the compiler to modify the code concerning those. These extra pins can also be used to supply power to active probes. Matching the time constants makes the attenuation independent of frequency.

DIY - USB OSCILLOSCOPE IN a MATCHBOX 14 Steps (with Pictures)

It stops whenever it reaches the index that is equal to stopIndex. The current is determined by measuring the voltage drop across the resistor and using Ohm's law. On the other hand, active probes are almost always vendor-specific due to their power requirements, offset voltage controls, etc.

It is therefore advantageous to use a probe with a higher frequency limit to minimize the effect on the overall system response. But how much higher rates can we use? The next step is to enable the interrupt associated.