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Although the story of the Kurus is narrated almost without a pause, the flow of the narration is not even. And non-occurrence of the Gita must not be viewed in the narrative as an isolated phenomenon in the Sarala version. Then Kunti told him many details of his birth, including the circumstances that led to his growing up in Radhebis house.

In any case, in this narrative of revenge, Bhishma, Yudhisthira, and arguably Karna were the only ones among the prominent figures who were unaffected by this destructive passion. Was it not destiny that had written up all that happened between Dhristadyumna and Drona or Draupadi, Bhima and Dussasana, for example, and so much else? Putting it in linguistic terms the simile is reminiscent of a fully inflected word, which has a root and one or more affixes.

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Sarala wrote at a time when Odia had become a fully developed language. Nothing at all in Saralas story even remotely suggests that he would have. Did Sarala think that the Gita discourse was not in consonance with the character of Krishna as he conceptualized it? There are several indications in his Mahabharata that he served as a soldier in the army of the Gajapati King of Odisha. There is also the need to compare the three versions of Mahabharata mentioned above in Odia language.

When he was a bit composed, he wanted to know who had killed his son. He crossed the river of blood on a corpse, and discovered on reaching the shore that it was the dead body of his dear. It was the working of destiny that Sakuni was set free by Duryodhana, who was so impressed with him that he made him his most trusted and most powerful minister.

Away from main battlefield, Arjuna was fighting a mlecha king called Jalandhara, who was Duryodhanas friend. So impressed was he with the intelligence of the man in the stone house that Duryodhana immediately freed Sakuni, and apologized to him profusely. Abhimamyu was fighting fiercely, and Krishna and Arjuna were watching him at some distance from under a tree. Unlike Bhimas wives, two of Arjunas wives stayed in the same household, but Saaralaa Mahaabhaarata does not mention any unpleasant or disgraceful event involving them. When Krishna did not see Arjuna, he attacked the asuras.


Padmanabha got this message in the. There was no talk about it in the Kaurava army. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If Bhimas revenge on Duryodhana and Dussasana was justified, as Krishna always maintained, much more so would be Sakunis.

Mahabharata in Oriya Sarala Mahabharat

He chose words he intuitively felt were natural for his purpose. It does not matter whether he had memory of his past existence or not. Duryodhana was urinating under a banyan tree, when he saw a fruit of that tree flowing away in his urine. When Drona planned chakra vyuha the name of a certain formation of the army.

Sarala Mahabharat

He blamed his brothers for his death. Krishna didnt seem pleased, not because he had reservations about the killing of Jayadratha or the idea of revenge.

He had got greatly attached to his family, and was deeply pained thinking that time had come for him to leave them all. Krishnas kith and kin, the Yadavas, had all perished fighting among themselves in a strange upsurge of intense frenzy as the curse of sage Astabakra materialized. Today he completes his fourteenth year.

Certain differences might trigger questions of a somewhat different kind. He told Sahadeva that he had to sacrifice himself at the battlefield for harming his nephews and being the cause of a devastating war. They had a ritual bath in Bindusagara, and had darshan of Mahadeva Shiva.

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Incidentally, Krushna Singh had raised the question of fidelity to the original in the context of the rendering of Vyasa Mahabharata into Odia by Sarala Das. When he was about to kill an asura chief named Jatasura, he beseeched him to spare him. Now this being the case, is it not rather odd, one might wonder, intermittent fasting diet plan pdf in view of what he had said earlier?

Mahabharata in Oriya Sarala Mahabharat

Now how is the revenge worked out in Saralas version? The sage Agastis narration was occasionally interrupted by Baibasuta Manu, his keen listener and his devoted pupil. He asked her why she smiled. Such is the situation of all beings as depicted by Sarala Das in his magnificent retelling of the ancient story. He was under his familys obligation to take revenge on the mighty Duryodhana.

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The poor fifteen year old worked day and night in his palace. It was gods wish too, and no mortal knew about it. Barely a couple of days had passed since he had left the world. In this context, Kaancikaaberi, a poetic composition with a mythological theme, by the eighteenth century poet, Purusottama Dash, deserves mention. The next step would be to attempt to find the logic of the variations at these three levels.

Based on your browsing history. His wife, his father, and most importantly, his mother, had cautioned him against his uncle. That would have started the war. Sarala, who was a natural storyteller, could have retold at least these fascinating stories, but he chose not to.

Gandhari and Kunti were jealous of each other, as were Draupadi and Bhimas asura demon wife Hidimbaka. The stories presented here are arranged in five essays. In his Shaanti Parva there was enough scope for stories. Therefore it would appear unconvincing that a person of his calibre took these very serious decisions the way he did.

Whether it was possible for him in principle to do so is not the question. When they left, there was considerable bonhomie between the Kaurava and the Pandava brothers. Timeless classics available only here, indeed.