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Use the interactive map below to find your way around our campus. If there are questions about the procedure, translate pdf danish to english contact the provost or associate provost on your campus.

You are responsible for monitoring your own time for an exam. Bear to the right northwest and round the various research vessels moored along the break water frontage.

Navigate Roundabouts on Campus Learn how to navigate roundabouts safely as a driver, cyclist, and pedestrian. All students are expected to comply with the St. Postgraduate Taught Degrees. If you need assistance with another matter you should contact the relevant department directly. Emergency Ride Home program Are you reluctant to use a sustainable commute, because you need to leave quickly in case of a personal emergency?

Sustainable Transportation Resources Commute Planning Assistance Want to try alternative transportation but are not sure how to begin? Click here for a list of valid forms of identification. Use this handy map to estimate how long it will take to walk from one point on campus to another. Parkmobile Zones Map This map shows Parkmobile locations and zone numbers on campus. Licensing Opportunities Digital Creative and Heritage.

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Please, check with published airport directories for details. Short term docking is permitted, one to two hours. If you have a covered emergency, we'll provide a free taxi or rental car to get you home. Talking to other students in the Testing Center is cause for an accusation of cheating.

Marguerite System Map This map shows the campus and the main Marguerite routes. Visitor parking is available in the Fifth Street Parking Facility.

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The airport supports general aviation aircraft including some corporate jets. Learn more about them, including how to navigate a roundabout. The key at the bottom of the campus map can be used to search for related buildings and campus features. Go to Alumni and Supporters home. You may not write down any information from the test and take it out of the Testing Center.

Medical and Life Sciences. Stanford Bikeways Map This map displays all things bike related, such as bike repair stands, suggested travel routes, bike lockers, and bike cages. More information about public safety and preparedness. No food or drinks are permitted in the testing room. Dock space is very limited.

Details for Bayboro Harbor are best illustrated on the St. Need help with test anxiety?

Funding Opportunities Sponsored Research. This map provides a wealth of information about parking, electric vehicle charging stations, tour bus parking and more.

Taster and Enrichment Events. Undergraduate Scholarships. Any test s which permits the use of notes, the notes must be hard copies - you may not use notes stored on an electronic device. Key Dates and Events Semester Dates. The Difference Campaign Campaign News.

Finance Undergraduate Fees and Funding. Business Financial and Legal. Social Sciences Economics. Was this information helpful?

Medicine and Health Sciences Health Sciences. Current Students and Staff. Stay Involved Host an Event. Videos and Sample Transit Plans Check out these sample transit plans and videos.

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Bring only approved testing aids with you to the testing appointment. Our University Chancellor. Alternatively, the search bar in the top right corner can be used to find specific places of interest. If you are taking an online test, you will be required to use the Testing Center computers and will not be allowed to use your own laptop computer. If you are not sure of directions, check with a testing proctor.

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During the Test Read instructions carefully before you begin your test. Petersburg docks are ahead on the right. Grab your sunglasses and join us for a walking tour of campus.

Information for Student Journalists. All calculators will be cleared before testing. Directly ahead will be Harborage Marina. Bring your own dock lines and fenders. Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off.

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