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Let's imagine the company goes bankrupt. If so, what is the difference? Mariella finds out what type she is - will it change the way she works?

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Speakout Advanced - Students Book

Do you agree with the writer's opinion? Check you understand the meaning of the words in bold. Then the Harry Potter books appeared. Thin k about where you were, what kind of holiday it was, how you felt at the time and why the memory is important to you.

Make notes about the city under the following headings. Add your own examples to the third column of the table. It was the best thing I did in four years at university.

Speakout Advanced - Students Book - PDF Free Download

Choose a place you know well. Discuss two of the statements and modify them until everyone in the group agrees with what they say. Talk about as many of the topics as you can in five minutes. One piece of evidence at the trial was a bloodied curtain the perpetrator had wiped their hands on. Find exa mples used for the following purposes.

Speakout Advanced - Students Book - PDF Free Download

What happens to the employees? In the s, I was in the United States doing post-graduate work. Home is the best work space for me. How do you think other cheaper technologies could transform the lives of people in developing countries? Wh en th ey saw us, they seized th e moment to showcase some of their diving and one after the other plunged into the water.

Speakout - Free Download

Speakout Advanced - Students Book

Understanding and using English idioms is particularly important for Advanced learners. What would your reaction be? Even the leather chair, on which I sit every day, when god steps in miracles happen pdf is an antique. Use a dictionary to help you.

Would you do the same as Betty Anne Waters? When he was alTested for murdering his elderly neighbour, it was a total shock. Who do you think should be responsible for this! How did Alistair arrive at the scene?

It also got quite chi lly at night. He blew and blew, creating dust storms and hurricanes, but when he tried to blow a mountain over, he failed.

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Read your sentences to other students. When he died, the gramophone was handed down to my father. Why is the continuous form used in these sentences?

Speakout advanced pdf

Read the instructions for developing a documentary proposal. For the girls, Jacqueline rates very highly, as do Diana, Danielle and Cathe ri ne. Likes to change things and find their own solutions to problems.

Are they similar or different? There is no doubt that drug abuse is a major contributing factor leading to homelessness.

What is the best way to stop them! Write a few key sentences using linking words. Underline phrases which refer to the senses and identify each sense. Individual countries do not have the right to interfere with the affairs of another country.

What is the best way to reduce the problem? Only thirteen percent of people trust them. Add more detail t o t he following noun phrases. She's always the life and soul ofthe party. Do you think they are a good idea?

Which side of the argument does she present? The t ransport links are poor and the power supply often fails. Complete the multi-word verbs with the years. You gave it up because the profession seemed too risky. That's something for us to think about.

How do the speakers complete the key phrases? Now, where did I put my keys?

But, although the evidence was fraudulent. Although prosperous at first, during a period of maladministration the hotel began to degenerate. Then compare your sentences to check. How would your lifestyle change?

Hotel Chelsea To say that the Hotel Chelsea has an interesting history would be an understatement. Explain the meaning of your expressions using your example sentences. What attitude do you want them to leave with? Its famous residents have found the hotel conducive to creativity.

They can then take them away to a corner for a fifteen-minute chat, in the course of which they can ask any questions they like and hear real live answers. When the noun part is plural, it becomes singular in a compound. One of numerous examples of. Underline two idioms in the article and check you understand them. She's the office busybody.