Transmission Line Construction Manual Pdf

This is particularly important at the time each spacer is attached. The rivetment protection is provided in the form of stone masonry walls around those sides of the foundation where such protection is required.

This is used at locations where chiselling, drilling and blasting is required for excavation of hard rock type foundations. Both spans Effect of One span Min.

The other end of the pulley system is connected to the dynamometer. Minimum clearances in metres between lines crossing each other. The security clips in the insulators and the hardware should be properly opened. The hook used for lifting the conductor should not mark any notch on the conductor or cause severe bends. However, a route of the line very close to steep slopes of hills be avoided as far as possible as there may be difficulty in obtaining lateral side clearance to ground for conductors.

Construction Manual for Transmission Lines

The dynamometer is connected to the yoke plate of the double tension hardware. In case of step bolts, spring washer shall be placed under the outer nut. The chimney and pyramid portions are adequately braced to retain proper shape while concreting. Higher speeds may create a potential hazard of greater damage in case of a malfunction.

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Transmission line construction manual pdf

Construction Manual for Transmission Lines

Franky Koji Nije Madjionicar. If the other end of the tower has already been strung, then the tension in the stays is also reduced while releasing the tension in the pulley system.

The height of the sheet shall be taken so that the ground profile and the towers, including extensions can be fully shown. The double tension hardware is hoisted and anchored on the cross arm. Care should be taken during paying out to ensure that the earthwire does not get damaged by being dragged over stones, etc. Adequate safety precautions should be taken to protect employees and others from this potential danger.

Holes shall be drilled in these bent sides for connection to the other faces of the frustum and to the bottom of the chimney. The vibration dampers are then fixed on the conductor at the distance specified for the size of the conductor. This point above the ground profile is used as the reference point for the tower footing curve. It is not recommended to use blasting for excavation in soft rock.

Transmission line construction manual pdf

This route shall form the basis for the detailed survey of the line. If substantial line angles are involved, two rollers in tandem may be required to reduce the bending radius of the conductor or the load on each traveler, or both. This is a step forward to disseminate knowledge so that uniform practices and procedures are followed in the construction activities in the Company. Transmission Line Manual Publication No. Therefore, when double suspension insulator strings are used, 2. weltkrieg zusammenfassung pdf additional ground clearance shall be provided when spotting towers so that the specified ground clearance is available after stringing.

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These objects only guide the surveyor in moving as closely on the correct alignment as possible. This process is continued till an angle point is reached which is found fixed in the field either by permanent pillar or by means of identification marks given in the profile. Grease is applied over the compressed steel tube. The dimensions are calculated as given in the drawing.

Construction Manual for Transmission Lines Uploaded by latrociny. This test is carried out to verify that each conductor of the transmission line is properly connected electrically. This Manual covers all the activities related to the construction of Transmission lines. This reduces the necessity of increasing the height of the towers of the new line for obtaining the requisite clearance.

For most bundled conductor lines, the rollers are also connected to the yoke plate of the hardware. There should be no earth on the tower legs. The chimney is filled upto to the level shown in the foundation drawing. The sag is to be checked at intervals when conductors and earth wire are drawn up. The jacks are supported on sleepers which are placed across the pits so that the load of the template is distributed away from the excavated pits.

In case of doubt, measure with theodolite. Small size angles are also welded on them for providing support. Galvanized steel stranded wire of the size given below is used for this purpose. For the theory of this method, reference may be made to any standard surveying text books. The dynamometers employed should be periodically checked and got calibrated with a standard dynamometer.

Transmission line construction manual pdf

Both the aggregates shall then be thoroughly mixed together and levelled. It is a light rigid steel framework and is used to hold the tower stubs at the correct alignment and slope during the concreting work.

Transmission line construction manual pdf

If the other end of the tower has already been strung, then the tension in the stay is also reduced while releasing the tension in the pulley system. Traveller grounds also help protect the sheave linings. In this method, the conductor is kept under tension during the paying out process. Grease is applied on the compressed tube.

This is marked on the maps. The open end of the grip should be secured with two bands. The cold curve is then placed on the profile between each span and the lowest point of the conductor sag is also marked.